sanity not vanity.

welcome to 2019, goodbye 2018.

my absence from the ‘blog world’ has been noted, and for that i am quite shocked – people do read what i have to say. it’s true – i haven’t been vocal, i’ve had somewhat of a mind blank when it comes to pen to paper, or keyboard to screen as it may be. 2018 started and rolled into an absolutely brilliant year for me. i talked in previous blog posts about what it was going to be the year of, it was the year of #f**kitmoments.

i have stepped into 2019 with a new mindset. after a challenging christmas season, both at work and in my personal life, i have come to the realisation that i need to look after number one. thats me. ‘self love is sanity not vanity’

Snapseed 5

something came to me at about 7.37am when i decided to stand on a table for the perfect gram shot. you can’t deny how amazing the sunrise looked. the world is so beautiful, and life is for living. i’m sorry to sound dramatic but i recently went through a rough time, and i think i focused on social media to create the perfect life to cover up how i was feeling. when i realised what i was doing, it was almost a sense of relief.

a great friend of mine told me something a while back, we were at dinner and she turned to me and said, – take a song that is sang for a man/significant other and sing it to yourself. try it. it really works – its my shower jam and it just builds up the right mindset for the day. apologies if this was too ‘deep’ but i thought i would keep it real for the reader, if there is any. if there isn’t, i want to look back on this in a few years and be proud of my mental state of mind. something so important in todays crazy world.

back to the gram. 

that being said, although i am focusing on me this year, i want to focus on what i love, and i am passionate about. thats instagram. i don’t expect to be jim chapman, or some crazy popular ‘influencer’ but i do want to allow myself to be creative and have a feed to be proud of. towards the end of last year i changed my vibe, my content and my postings. super super happy with the outcome and glad i still have this fun release from my crazy day to day life. i guess you can say this is my escape from reality that allows me to be in the real world!

well this was certainly overshare but i wanted to share how i was feeling and where my mind was at. more so for me to clarify to be honest. i am back, i never really went way but here i am #extra as ever and ready to bore you with my insta tips and over edited pictures.


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