autumn or fall?

whichever, welcome to quite possibly my all time favourite season of the year. it seems like everything just gets better. don’t get me wrong, i love summer and the heat, but nothing quite beats seeing the leaves start to fall.

firstly, the colours all of them. every single one. the leaves changing fascinate me, they allow me to let my creative mind flow. all of a sudden there are these bright burnt colours in the scenery and in every day life. they make the most miserable day look beautiful.

autumn also means its acceptable to wear scarves, i named september 1st ‘officially scarf weather’ about ten years ago and have sworn by it since. although we have the initial freezing in the morning and melt by lunchtime stage, once it passes the season is the best one for fashion. layering. trust me, its all about them layers.

you know what else is acceptable? psl’s. or for the less basic of us starbucks renowned pumpkin spiced latte’s. i was very behind the times and only got my hands on one a few days ago. needless to say it was worth the wait, not sure how a coffee or drink can sum everything I’m describing in a drink. well it did.

i think i get more exercise this time of year – i walk everywhere, it takes me longer. that’s not the distance but more the fact i stop to take in the scenery and fill my camera roll with so many ‘leafy’ images. phoebe ball winner here. (excuse the friends pun). i’ve started to collect the leaves. i’m going to dry them out and do something with them. i’m not really sure what yet, thought i’d share anyways.

you’ll see now that my instagram is very autumnal now, heading in the direction of the season, with the colours and even the filters. gingham is my always go to but aden is my fall fave. i think when you get the leaves in the background your photos already become #instaworthy, so thats my top tip. mine came at the expense of some wet trainers & about three quid for a starbucks. not bad eh?

happy fall y’all.


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