twenty six.

three hundred and sixty five days of adam.

this week i turned twenty seven. i was going to write i celebrated the day, but it was more a mixture of a life crisis and a party. but yes, i am officially in my late twenties. i deny it all the time but lets face reality – i am sat here on a saturday evening with a cup of tea (yorkshire gold of course) and typing away instead of dancing the night away.

i take a look back at all i have seen, done and achieved in the last year and you know what? its quite a bit. i was baffled for a while on deciding if this was the year of travel, the year of style or the year of food. but without a shadow of a doubt, this my friends was the year of change. twenty six saw me leave my job of 8 years, my city, my home and my family. all in the space of 18 days. struggling to see how i even managed it to be honest. i am starting the new year in the city of manchester, salford if we must. i never thought it would be the case.

it wasn’t all soap operas and operation relocation for me, i did some pretty normal things too. i am fortunate enough to be blessed with such a great travel programme which has allowed me to explore. this year i have visited rome, barcelona, lisbon, dubai & the islands of greece. you can see why this was nearly the year of travel. i do love to travel. i love to be #wanderlust or #travelbogging. (those hashtags are guaranteed likes fyi.) i find that the art of capturing the beauty of a place for instagram is to really take into consideration whats around you. there is plenty of opportunity to showcase what you are seeing, or even just to keep it for memory. i am a great fan of a scenic shot, and a silhouette photo, i find that photos without me in them look better, but thats probably because i am taking them!

i look back on the last year and hold the greatest memories, both good and bad, but i wouldn’t change it. its so nice to see all these photos to remind myself of how great it really was. instagram is like a memory box for me really. although i only have select photographs now – the archive has the ability for me to reminisce.

heres to another year of madness. maybe the year of the blogger? who knows?

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