three. six. five.

i saw this stuck to a window as a boarded a train last year. accurate. very.

Snapseed 10

as twenty nineteen draws to a close, i sit here and can’t help but to reflect on the last three hundred and sixty five days that have gone by. as cliché as it sounds, its matter of fact. at the beginning of this year i apologised to the world for not being vocal and set my new years resolution to write more. this is my outlet for my thoughts, inspirations and even my frustrations. that said, i wrote nothing – well, actually i wrote a lot, but mainly drafted and never really got round to posting. i ask myself why? in all honesty i am not sure of that answer as of yet. there are times when i feel like talking and others when i don’t. this year was one of those times where i didn’t.

so realistically what has happened? well for starts a whole year passed within about five minutes and i cant really believe it. my last post i said that 2018 (was so tempted to write that out in full) was an amazing year for me and i wanted to bring that energy into 2019 with the manta of ‘self love is sanity not vanity’. i set out that i was going to find myself again and focus on me and my #insta basically. well i can say that i didn’t really do any of that.

still managed to do all this though!

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’tis the season.

manchester markets.

it all started on november 9th – lights, decorations & mulled wine everywhere. in fact, mulled everything.  welcome to manchester’s famous award winning christmas markets. offering mouth watering international food, drinks and delicately crafted yuletide gifts in the heart of this buzzing city.  spreading across the centre, taking over spinningfields, alberts square, st. annes square as well as many side streets and meeting points. christmas has officially landed in manchester. go explore.

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london calling.

twenty eight club.

i recently celebrated a birthday, i say a birthday when i mean my own. i am officially in the late twenties club (if there is an actual club then my invite was lost in the post). what a better way to celebrate than to get my friends and head to my favourite city in all of the land. london.

there is something about the white bricks of kensington and chelsea, the hustle of the circle line and even bank tube station that i just love. i think one day i’ll end up living in the capital. hence the title, london calling.

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return of the fall.

bedside setup.

welcome back to my favourite time of the year, its what i talk about all the time! there is something about the leaves falling that inspires me and the reminds me of whats to come. i guess it starts the countdown to christmas. i know i have spoken about this before, but i am passionate about my love of the fall. everything autumnal makes me happy. not only is it scarf weather but its also birthday month, even if it does mean turning 28.

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autumn or fall?

whichever, welcome to quite possibly my all time favourite season of the year. it seems like everything just gets better. don’t get me wrong, i love summer and the heat, but nothing quite beats seeing the leaves start to fall.

firstly, the colours all of them. every single one. the leaves changing fascinate me, they allow me to let my creative mind flow. all of a sudden there are these bright burnt colours in the scenery and in every day life. they make the most miserable day look beautiful.

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