hometown glory.

a word of so many meanings, home. is it the place you sleep? where your family is? where you grew up? since i can remember mine was all three. twenty six years of living at home. i wrote that without even realising – a force of habit i guess. recently that’s all changed – gone are the days of the family house, the city i knew, and the family close by. don’t get me wrong, its refreshing, liberating but also a little daunting.

newcastle upon tyne, home of the geordies (not to be confused with geordie shore, they are a whole other breed). the land of greggs, bridges and the friendliest people known to man. based in the north of england, that’s where i saw home for the longest time. now, that title sits i guess with manchester, somewhere in the middle – im still not quite sure where im placed on the map! i should really google that one. oh well.

i had quite fond memories of newcastle, i say had, i still have I guess. i think i took it for granted. not in a bad way, but it was the norm so i didn’t appreciate that was around me.

the beauty, the architecture, the people, the beach, the culture, the familiarity.

i’ll forever love newcastle, but for now, i have a new house, a new place to call home. So i guess that goes back to my question, what is home? home is where you are happy; home is where you are safe. home is where love grows and friends know. home is a privilege, home is a luxury.

home is where you’ll find me, no matter where i am.

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