make a house a home.

welcome to my crib. its been a while since i posted. its been busy!

recently moving to manchester gave me the option to create my perfect home. this was a first for me. i have always lived at home. initially in the box room before moving to a larger space. but always just in one room. this was my time. all of the rooms. just as i wanted them. basically i wanted the perfect show home. something that is #instaworthy.

my first home was the blank canvas for me to really showcase what i wanted to do, develop my style to come up with the perfect living space, i really loved my first place, but i outgrew it pretty quickly and became lonely too.

bridgewater street.

i am now in my second home in manchester, i moved into this place about a month or two ago and finally got it where i wanted it be. my very own ikea showroom. the starting point of both of my places was my VIMLE sofa. i went for the bold bold colour of yellow. i saw it and fell in love. from there i built up the look for my flat, it didn’t take long before it all came together.

rivergate house.

as you can imagine, moving and relocating is expensive, and i was stuck between wanting aesthetically pleasing but within budget. i realised how many amazing products budget stores have. i spent time in wilkinsons, ikea, and even my supermarket picking out items to tie in. the ikea bargain corner was a great place for some nifty finds.

the key to the polished look for me was the added touches of luxury, whether it be a white company candle, or a zara faux fur throw. regardless i feel like the my home has evolved from 1st to 2nd but i am love regardless.

rivergate house.

of course you can see my khlo-cd cookies and my macbook, almost my signature product placements. its the perfect hosting space, even if you can play spot the difference with the ikea catalogue.


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