passport at the ready.

welcome to the travel essentials. 

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its fair to say that i am quite the avid traveller. long haul, short haul and even city breaks. i’ve done them all this year, and will more than likely continue to do so. traveling the world and seeing new things is quite literally for me the reason for life. if i could just travel forever, you wouldn’t see me again. well you would – just not in one place for long.

a lot of travel means one thing – a lot of packing. something that i cannot stand to do. i used to be the most organised packer known to man, case out weeks before and outfits planned out to the day. i’ve given up on that now, i just don’t have the time! my breaks usually come after the most stressful time at work so are well needed and deserved. they usually mean finishing up at the office hours before flying or commuting – meaning it leaves me very little time to pack, organise or prepare. but this has allowed me to become pretty brilliant at last min organising! its simple really.


i started this blog initially stating how to instagram on a budget, and i still stick by this philosophy, it doesn’t take a lot to make your post look good. but sometimes in life you need to #treatyoself. which is what i did, twice. since i did so many city breaks, and travelling with work i decided to invest in some key go to items. now my staple go to travel luggage is my louis. damier graphite canvas was the pattern i opted for and i now have the michael backpack and the classic keepall bandoulière 45 holdall. although expensive, they are #timelessclassics that i know will last me a lifetime.




so, basically, you need clean underwear, a toothbrush and your passport, anything else for me is a bonus. joking aside they are the 3 things i always make sure i have first. this came after going on holiday without packing the above. (it was a bit of a nightmare to say the least!) if you break it down a little more then yes there is a little more to it. lets start with my biggest nightmare. hand luggage only flights. not because i want to take 9 pairs of shoes (i do though) – its all about that stupid clear bag and less than 100mls.


this bag, this very one. trying to get all you need, not only into the bag, but finding versions that are less than 100ml. i get it, i know why they are doing it, but its still an absolute mare of time! i also own a washbag (soap bag to common folk) but i dont use that any more. well i do, just not for soap! thats now my little bag of rubbish things that you dont need but have just in case. you know like blister plasters in case sass frankland ( rocks up. you get what i mean. sneaky name drop there.. go have a read, she’s great.


anyways – back to me. now that we are clean, we need to put some clothes on. well some people don’t, but i would advise it. dependent on where i am going will always depend on what i pack (obviously) but with a hot destination, its always so much easier i find. i tend to stick with a simple style, not going wild with much colour, and keeping things pretty monotone or similar in colour. it helps to pack as everything already matches.



this time around, i’m heading to the algarve, portugal, with expected temperatures to be around 24 degrees. so packing for me is all about making sure i have the right clothes for the temperature, preparing for any obstacles and changes. advice is to have options – but not too many. i also added some autumnal colour with the khaki into the mix for my holiday vibe. see above just some of the options i went with. at the moment i am just loving my new comme des garçons. they are adding the fun factor!


travel in style.

simple but effective, and most importantly comfortable is my go to for travelling. this time i opted for a cropped trouser with new new sneaks, and and an oversized demin jacket.

comme des garçons.

accessorise your trip.

as well as looking the part, you need to have the accessories to help. simple things to wear like watches and sunglasses – but even down to the books you read, or the magazines you carry. there is a persona about everyone that you have on you. jim chapman (social media @jimchapman) and his wife @tanyaburr are youtube starts who really got me into caring about mu social media and inspired me to write. currently reading his 147 things book which i have had for about a year but finally giving it a read. i also bought a local magazine so that i can be in the know of where to go on my trip.

jim chapman.


so to summarise, have good quality luggage, with simple outfits, comfy shoes and book  to read. remember that along with your passport and you’re ready for any adventure!



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  1. Hi Adam, I tried finding your contact info on your blog but without luck, so I hope it’s’ okay I connect with you here in the comments! I wanted to hear if you’re doing collabs? If so, I’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch with me on and then I’d love to tell you some more! Thanks 🙂


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