return of the fall.

bedside setup.

welcome back to my favourite time of the year, its what i talk about all the time! there is something about the leaves falling that inspires me and the reminds me of whats to come. i guess it starts the countdown to christmas. i know i have spoken about this before, but i am passionate about my love of the fall. everything autumnal makes me happy. not only is it scarf weather but its also birthday month, even if it does mean turning 28.

there are many things that remind me of season, whether it be the drop in temperature, the changing surroundings or even the television of choice. lets be realistic – autumn means strictly & the x factor!


i like to prepare my flat for the season, change my scents, add some all year round greenery and even rearrange some furniture. i get so bored anyways so its nice to change things up. i spent my day playing with different looks around my bedroom, a room i don’t usually spend much time fussing over. it quite nice and refreshing.

i have opted for a patterned bedding, although quite busy with the cushions and throw. i like how the look has come together by keeping all of the tones quite monotone and sticking to a grey theme. although the bedding isn’t new, i have introduced a new cashmere throw to the end of the bed – a great tk max find. i am not ready to commit to the winter duvet as of yet, so this is a perfect addition if it gets a tad too cold for me in the october nights.


i have played around with the bedside, trying different setups for the autumn, although there are some staples that remain. the first of which is the white company autumn candle. this is the third year that i have had this burning throughout october. Autumn is my favourite white company candle – a  crisp combination of fruity notes of pear, quince and apricot blended with musk and amber. i sit that by my bed, even when its not lit, it makes the room smell so good! as well as that i have some bedtime reading, i am tying to avoid my phone, and turn to words before bed. its also been nice to add some greenery to beside the bed, a fresh look. i tried a few setups, one with a low table and another with my usual bedside table. i am still undecided on which i prefer. i guess time will tell?


i always find that my skin doesn’t adjust to the weather and my skin feels tighter and almost greyer, and tougher. every year i just put up with it, but this year i wanted to branch out and use something that would help my face. i spoke with my barber (he looks after my beard, and skin too). he told me about a brand that had been recommended to him a while back, for those with sensitive skin. i was keen to use something with charcoal after researching how good it is for the skin and teeth and thats where the jorgobé skin care came in.


i ordered the set online which came with the peel mask, the scrub mask and the white tea balancing cream. the copenhagen based brands packaging pleases me so much. black, white and instaworthy! i have tried out all of the products already and they have left my skin feeling great and refreshed. its been like a home skin makeover, importantly locking in moisture for the winter months to come.

note that in the bathroom i always keep it classic all year round the the white companies seychelle candle. the almost fresh linen scent works to keep the room feeling clean and warm all year round. the hint of vanilla keeps it classic.

wrap up. 

as well as the home and skin looking good, its all about dressing well. when it comes to what to wear, and the only option has to be jumpers, the thicker the better. now that i have moved i live in a smaller bedroom and so my jumpers have been stored under the bed for the longest summer but are now ready for action. pull them on over anything, oversized for comfort and thick for warmth. i have so many, preferably a chunky knit in a block colour but sometimes i mix it up. h&m, pull & bear or asos are my usual go to’s. on a rare splurge i’ll get an impulse all saints number!


as i have mentioned so many times – autumn or fall is the season of the scarves. wrapping up with layers is my favourite. my black and white number from top man about three years ago has been classic and comes back every year. its now in its home on the back of the door, ready to grab and add to any outfit.

but yes, i am all about this season and everything it stands for. chunky knit, warm candles and good skincare. have these and you’ll not be wishing summer back!

happy fall y’all!

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