meet the monkey.

february, albeit a touch late..

yes, quite a strange title to a blog post, acknowledged with thanks.

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i can confirm that the title comes from the title of a book i was gifted this (last month). ‘the one minute manager meets the monkey’. now, you’re thinking that i was going to update you all on some out of the ordinary antics on a monthly basis – no this wasn’t the month i learnt how to read, although it was the first time i read a book cover to cover in years.. usually i get bored, and my attention takes me elsewhere.

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three. six. five.

i saw this stuck to a window as a boarded a train last year. accurate. very.

Snapseed 10

as twenty nineteen draws to a close, i sit here and can’t help but to reflect on the last three hundred and sixty five days that have gone by. as cliché as it sounds, its matter of fact. at the beginning of this year i apologised to the world for not being vocal and set my new years resolution to write more. this is my outlet for my thoughts, inspirations and even my frustrations. that said, i wrote nothing – well, actually i wrote a lot, but mainly drafted and never really got round to posting. i ask myself why? in all honesty i am not sure of that answer as of yet. there are times when i feel like talking and others when i don’t. this year was one of those times where i didn’t.

so realistically what has happened? well for starts a whole year passed within about five minutes and i cant really believe it. my last post i said that 2018 (was so tempted to write that out in full) was an amazing year for me and i wanted to bring that energy into 2019 with the manta of ‘self love is sanity not vanity’. i set out that i was going to find myself again and focus on me and my #insta basically. well i can say that i didn’t really do any of that.

still managed to do all this though!

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return of the fall.

bedside setup.

welcome back to my favourite time of the year, its what i talk about all the time! there is something about the leaves falling that inspires me and the reminds me of whats to come. i guess it starts the countdown to christmas. i know i have spoken about this before, but i am passionate about my love of the fall. everything autumnal makes me happy. not only is it scarf weather but its also birthday month, even if it does mean turning 28.

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rocket & balsamic glaze.

in this millennial era we are all somewhat #foodies.

whether we like to admit it or not we do love to photograph our food. some that looks so much better than others.

for me it started in restaurants, and sneakily without anyone really seeing. this then developed, moving items on the table to get a good background. now i have no shame, ill stand on my chair and make my dinner companion hold their phone light up. i am the walking definition of those people you hate. i blame fellow blogger and close friend coffee & co for starting it.

of course it wouldn’t stop there, i now do it at home too, to the point that i got a white semi gloss dining table to be the perfect crisp clean backdrop for my pictures. so now the set up was there the food needed to follow.

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make a house a home.

welcome to my crib. its been a while since i posted. its been busy!

recently moving to manchester gave me the option to create my perfect home. this was a first for me. i have always lived at home. initially in the box room before moving to a larger space. but always just in one room. this was my time. all of the rooms. just as i wanted them. basically i wanted the perfect show home. something that is #instaworthy.

my first home was the blank canvas for me to really showcase what i wanted to do, develop my style to come up with the perfect living space, i really loved my first place, but i outgrew it pretty quickly and became lonely too.

bridgewater street.

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