rocket & balsamic glaze.

in this millennial era we are all somewhat #foodies.

whether we like to admit it or not we do love to photograph our food. some that looks so much better than others.

for me it started in restaurants, and sneakily without anyone really seeing. this then developed, moving items on the table to get a good background. now i have no shame, ill stand on my chair and make my dinner companion hold their phone light up. i am the walking definition of those people you hate. i blame fellow blogger and close friend coffee & co for starting it.

of course it wouldn’t stop there, i now do it at home too, to the point that i got a white semi gloss dining table to be the perfect crisp clean backdrop for my pictures. so now the set up was there the food needed to follow.

i have always loved food, and been somewhat of a foodie and really enjoyed cooking from a young age, thats from growing up with great chef parents. i wouldn’t say who’s better, lets just say they have their strengths, and now i have mine. i recently moved away from newcastle and really got into a cooking routine. i find it relaxes me, and allows me to wind down after work.

you’ll notice so many of my photographs are flat lays, (taken from above) so that you can capture everything – its a simple but effective tip for a beaut insta post.

firstly lets talk the breakfast of champions, they are my favourite. so many colours, flavours and options.

i’ll go back to the title of this post, my addictions when it comes to food. i put it on EVERYTHING. (note the first capital letters on my blog, note how serious i am being). someone once said, surely not everything. i proved them wrong with the winning combination of strawberries and glaze. try it, i dare you.

i find that when i am cooking, adding the beautiful duo to the top of my food gives it that polished #instaworthy/pinterest/blogger look. it also gives me food pride in what i have created to eat. i started initially taking these photos to prove to the ‘rents i was eating, now i am, well just because.

now that i have mastered savoury, i am now trying my hand at sweet, get ready for the next #instabaker.


so for me, i photograph to showcase what i can do, and yes it tastes as good as it looks.


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