rocket & balsamic glaze.

in this millennial era we are all somewhat #foodies.

whether we like to admit it or not we do love to photograph our food. some that looks so much better than others.

for me it started in restaurants, and sneakily without anyone really seeing. this then developed, moving items on the table to get a good background. now i have no shame, ill stand on my chair and make my dinner companion hold their phone light up. i am the walking definition of those people you hate. i blame fellow blogger and close friend coffee & co for starting it.

of course it wouldn’t stop there, i now do it at home too, to the point that i got a white semi gloss dining table to be the perfect crisp clean backdrop for my pictures. so now the set up was there the food needed to follow.

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make a house a home.

welcome to my crib. its been a while since i posted. its been busy!

recently moving to manchester gave me the option to create my perfect home. this was a first for me. i have always lived at home. initially in the box room before moving to a larger space. but always just in one room. this was my time. all of the rooms. just as i wanted them. basically i wanted the perfect show home. something that is #instaworthy.

my first home was the blank canvas for me to really showcase what i wanted to do, develop my style to come up with the perfect living space, i really loved my first place, but i outgrew it pretty quickly and became lonely too.

bridgewater street.

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hometown glory.

a word of so many meanings, home. is it the place you sleep? where your family is? where you grew up? since i can remember mine was all three. twenty six years of living at home. i wrote that without even realising – a force of habit i guess. recently that’s all changed – gone are the days of the family house, the city i knew, and the family close by. don’t get me wrong, its refreshing, liberating but also a little daunting.

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twenty six.

three hundred and sixty five days of adam.

this week i turned twenty seven. i was going to write i celebrated the day, but it was more a mixture of a life crisis and a party. but yes, i am officially in my late twenties. i deny it all the time but lets face reality – i am sat here on a saturday evening with a cup of tea (yorkshire gold of course) and typing away instead of dancing the night away.

i take a look back at all i have seen, done and achieved in the last year and you know what? its quite a bit. i was baffled for a while on deciding if this was the year of travel, the year of style or the year of food. but without a shadow of a doubt, this my friends was the year of change. twenty six saw me leave my job of 8 years, my city, my home and my family. all in the space of 18 days. struggling to see how i even managed it to be honest. i am starting the new year in the city of manchester, salford if we must. i never thought it would be the case.

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autumn or fall?

whichever, welcome to quite possibly my all time favourite season of the year. it seems like everything just gets better. don’t get me wrong, i love summer and the heat, but nothing quite beats seeing the leaves start to fall.

firstly, the colours all of them. every single one. the leaves changing fascinate me, they allow me to let my creative mind flow. all of a sudden there are these bright burnt colours in the scenery and in every day life. they make the most miserable day look beautiful.

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